Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions to prepare candidates for the Research Awards Jesús Serra. If you have further questions, you can contact us by email at investigacion@fundacionoccident.com.

What do the Research Awards Jesús Serra acknowledge?

The career path and research projects of young scientists with outstanding contributions in the fields of nutrition, diet and health. and their impact on health.

Who is eligible for the Research Awards Jesús Serra?

As a general rule, researchers who have not reached 46 years of age on the closing date of the call, of any nationality, and who have been carrying out their research in Spain for at least 3 years

Can the candidate exceed the maximum age to present their candidacy?

Candidates may exceed 46 years of age on the closing date of this call if they have temporarily interrupted their career because of the birth or adoption of children, and their care during the first months of life. These interruptions must be proven with documentation.

What is the prize?

The call includes two categories, basic research, and clinical research, each receiving €50,000 gross. The prize must be allocated to research.

Which costs are eligible?

The prize money must be used for research and any costs related to the direct implementation of the project, including, but not limited to, personnel costs and the purchase or contracting of materials and equipment, as well as the presentation of results at conferences and other scientific events. Indirect costs are not funded.

Who receives the prize: the winning candidate, or their institution?

The final payee can be the winning candidate, or they can define their instiution as the payee, when accepting the prize. Taxation will depend on the beneficiary’s entity and tax residence. We advise you to consult your manager for details.

Can people without Spanish nationality be eligible for the Jesús Serra Research Awards?

Yes, if they have been carrying out their research in Spain for at least 3 years and have experience in the fields of nutrition and diet, with an impact on health.

What type of activity counts towards the last 3 years of research in Spain or the experience in the research fields of nutrition and diet with an impact on health?

All activities that can be accredited through a contract, grant, official qualification, or other academic and work relations are considered relevant, if they include research as their subject. To mention just a few, these activities include studying doctorate and post-doctorate degrees, as well as research contracts or university contracts with a part-time dedication to research.

Can I take part if I am affiliated with a private university, hospital, or research centre?

Yes. Candidates must be affiliated with both public and private Spanish universities, hospitals, or research centres of renowned prestige.

Does research in nutrition and health have to be the focus of research throughout my career?

No. Candidates can research much broader topics. However, we require contributions to the field of nutrition and diet with an impact on health to be evident, and the project presented to the awards must address this subject

Can I submit an entry to both prize categories: basic and clinical research?

No. The candidate must choose only one of the categories. If the research project is in the preclinical phase, the category is defined by the candidate’s research career in this field, and more specifically by the longer-term goals of the line of research in which the project presented to these awards is included

Can a researcher who has already been a candidate in other editions take part?

Yes. Candidates can reapply by sending all the duly updated documentation required by the rules. If you want to recover the information from your previous application, please contact investigacion@fundacionoccident.com.

How do I submit my candidacy?

Your candidacy must be submitted through the website https://www.fundacionoccident.org/premios-investigacion; you will need to fill out an application form and submit a series of documents (including at least the candidate’s curriculum vitae and a letter of endorsement).

Can I include more than one letter of endorsement?

Yes. Candidates must present a letter of endorsement written by their project managers or by other recognized professionals linked to universities, hospitals, or research centres and networks in Spain. However, other letters may also be submitted, also written by professionals linked to international organisations, endorsing the candidate’s career and/or international and social impact.

Do I have to submit my CV in any specific format/form?

The abbreviated standard curriculum vitae (ACV), which includes information on education, experience and career path, stays abroad and publications, as well as other possible merits, must be submitted. The author’s impact on and contribution to the different publications and projects must be included. If the chosen format does not include them, such as the Ministry’s standardised CVA format, an annex with this information can be attached for the most relevant publications and projects.

Must I include the most relevant publications in PDF format?

No, it is not necessary. As indicated in the prize rules, the ACV must include the URL to access the full reference (through PubMed, the magazine, the DOI, etc.) so that the jury can quickly access it.

Do I have to prove all my merits with official documentation?

In general, it is not necessary to attach a copy of official qualifications, stays or other merits or acknowledgments. However, we recommend adding links to documents or websites with resolutions, advertisements, or other content that documents them, if these are easily accessible. Furthermore, the jury reserves the right to check any of these merits, either by contacting the candidate and/or the awarding or host institutions.

In which language should the application and requested documentation be submitted?

Applications can be filled out and submitted in both Spanish and English.

Will I receive any notification after filling out the online form and sending the documentation?

Yes, Fundación Occident will acknowledge correct receipt of the presented candidacy by email.

Will I receive any notification after the meeting of the Jury?

Yes, Fundación Occident will send a notification to all candidates with the Jury’s resolution of the Awards.