Research Awards Jesús Serra Rules
6th edition

The Research Awards Jesús Serra acknowledge the path of excellence and outstanding contributions to research in the fields nutrition, diet and health of young scientists working in Spain.

Two categories recognize the career and current project of researchers:

1. Basic research
2. Clinical research

The research under consideration may be carried out in any of the following fields of activity:

  • • Clinical Nutrition
  • • Metabolism
  • • Epidemiology
  • • Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • • Food Science and Technology
  • • And, in general, biomedical research that intersects with nutrition.

• The total prize will be €100,000, which is equally divided between the two categories: basic and clinical (€50,000 each).

• Candidates must be researchers, either Spanish or foreigners, who have spent a minimum of three years working on research in Spain and who have not reached the age of 46 on the closing date of this call, June 7, 2024. The researcher’s age may exceed 46 if the candidate has temporarily interrupted his or her career as a result of the birth or adoption of children and their care during the first months of life.

• Candidates shall be nominated by their Project managers or relevant persons linked to universities, hospital sor research centers in Spain.

• Completion and presentation of applications must be done in Spanish or English, and must be submitted through the website

• Applications must be completed and submitted between 3 April and 7 June 2024, at 14h CET (both dates inclusive).

The jury is comprised of five professionals with recognised prestige in the field of medicine and biology from major national and international research centres.