Fàtima Crispi,, winner in the clinical research category of the Fundación Occident Research Awards, has given an interview to the newspaper El País.

Recognised for her research studies on the development and low weight of babies during pregnancy, and at birth, it is closely related to the diet and nutrition followed by the pregnant mother.

What does the interview to Fàtima Crispi say?

During the interview, Crispi stated many facts and that after her research she was able to conclude that if the expectant mother followed a balanced diet and some relaxation guidelines to avoid stress during pregnancy, the risk of her baby having low birth weight would be reduced.

Not sticking to a good diet during pregnancy can cause certain risk factors that directly affect the baby during their gestation, but it is mainly related to the correct functioning of the placenta. But the research not only centres on this factor, but the mother’s habits and care which are also are essential for the foetus.

Fàtima claims that 90% of pregnant women do not have adequate nutrition, that is, they eat badly. And therefore, this influences the baby’s development.

Throughout the interview, our award-winning researcher explained the importance of her research study, in which they still have a long way to go to resolve and deduce why following a balanced diet is key, both for the mother and the baby.