The researcher Dr. Maria Carmen Collado, from the Biotechnology Department of the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology-Spanish National Research Council (IATA-CSIC), joint winner in the clinical category of the 3rd Fundación Occident Research Awards, has given an interview to the programme Prop de Tu.

The value of research studies on the nutritional environment in the breastfeeding stage

After a brief summary of her beginnings in the field of research and her career in clinical research, Dr. Collado tells us about the importance of studying the nutritional environment during breastfeeding, specifically of the bacteria contained in breast milk.

Dr. Collado underlines that there are more than 800 species of bacteria that the mother transfers to her child through breast milk, bacteria which become vital for the child’s gut colonisation and the maturation of the immune system.

The researcher thus reaffirms the importance of caring for both mother and child during infancy, underlining the value of research in all areas, but particularly in the fields of nutrition and feeding.