Raúl Zamora, winner of the second edition of the Fundación Occident Research Award, has participated in a study that links the Mediterranean diet with the reduction in the risk level of mortality in the elderly.

According to the Ciber ISCIII, a study led by researchers from the Biomarkers and Nutritional & Food Metabolomics group of the University of Barcelona and belonging to CIBERFES (CIBER of Frailty and Healthy Ageing) states that through the development of an index of dietary biomarkers, which is based on certain groups of foods included in the Mediterranean diet, helps reduce the risk of mortality by means of a prior assessment. After several years of work on this research study, and several follow-up studies in different population samples (sex and age), they have reached the conclusion we are talking about.

In addition to this, thanks to the development of this research, it is highlighted that the use of dietary biomarkers can improve nutritional assessment and guide personalized advice in old age.