Jesús Serra Poetry Book

Book of Poems by Jesús Serra Santamans

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Book of Poems by Mr. Jesús Serra Santamans

If, as Tagore - Nobel prize winner for Literature in 1913 - once said, “poetry is the echo of the universe's melody in the heart of human beings”, then the poems collected in this complete work could well be a reflection of the emotions of our founder, Jesús Serra Santamans.

Besides his extraordinary business vision, Jesús Serra Santamans was known for his great compassion, which was noted by all those who had contact with him. Its first edition was published to mark the centenary of his birth, in 2011. We now publish the second edition, trusting that, just like the first one, it will provide those who read it with inspiration to live life with the same passion that is conveyed in its verses.

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