We are Fundación Occident

Our Foundation, one of the most active foundations in Spain, was born under the wing of GCO in 1998 with the purpose of channelling the sponsorship and patronage activities that the insurance company had been carrying out throughout an entire century. Its original name —Fundación Catalana Occidente— Fundación Jesús Serra, in 2006, as a tribute to the figure Jesús Serra Santamans, founder of the company and firm defender, from the private sphere, of the humanitarian values and spirit in benefit of the community. In 2024, the Foundation was renamed Fundación Occident.

In this new era, our Foundation, one of the foundations that promotes and finances social projects in Spain, continues to follow the path of its founder and yearly promotes a large number of research and educational projects, cultural activities, sport activities and solidarity initiatives, both organised by the Foundation only and organised in collaboration with other institutions, with the aim of fostering GCO's work and commitment towards society.

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Jesús Serra Degree Scholarships

Xpress Padel Cup 2024

Bilbao is filled with pianos

On Friday, September 21, Bilbao hosted the grand pianos, an action framed within the celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of Seguros Bilbao, company of the Grupo Catalana Occidente.

September 21

Discover who Jesús Serra was

Jesús Serra portrait

Jesús Serra Santamans is mainly known for having founded GCO and dedicating his professional life to the world of insurance, becoming one of the leading figures in this sector in Spain. Throughout his life, he maintained a keen interest in the arts and sport, in which he not only participated but also actively promoted through various initiatives. In addition, one thing he really stood out for was his great humanitarian spirit, with a particular sensitivity for those most in need. This trait was reflected in his intense social work.