XVII Fundación Jesús Serra Poetry Competition

17th Jesús SerraPoetry Competition

Fundación Occident Poetry Competition

In 2024 the 17th edition of the Jesús Serra Poetry Competition took place, aimed at continuing to promote the writing of this literary genre that our founder, Jesús Serra Santamans, enjoyed so much. 

The 17th edition of the Jesús Serra Poetry Competition will take place on the following dates:

- 28 February 2024: opening of applications (Completed) 

- 25 April 2024: submissions deadline (Completed)

- 4 June 2024: deliberation of the winners (Completed)

- 28 June 2024: awards ceremony

We now know our winners for the 2023 edition:

Gaia – Noa Abike Bazuaye Martínez

CATEGORY C - Spanish
Sueña Valeria – Adela Claudia Alba Gaponova

CATEGORY B - Catalan
Vernal – Abril Galofré Utset

CATEGORY B - Spanish
Schumann tiene espinas – Victoria Arregui Sancho

CATEGORY A - Catalan
Deixàrem de veure la mare – Carme Casas Martínez

CATEGORY A - Spanish

Tierra mojada – Jose Manuel Martin Portales


Read the winning poems from the 16th Fundación Occident Poetry Competition here.

Fundación Occident Poetry Competition has been running since 2008 and has managed to attract as many as a thousand poems, written by participants from more than twenty countries. Through this initiative we aim to reward the best talent, both of young and adult poetry; a mission that is increasingly difficult given the high quality of the work received.

Participants present their candidacy to one of the three categories according to their age —A (between ten and thirteen years), B (between fourteen and seventeen) and C (starting from eighteen) —, and the only requirement to enter is that the poems are written in Spanish or Catalan (a prize is awarded for each language and category). There are no other restrictions in terms of the topic or nationality. The poetry competition is not only aimed at boosting talent, but also to help eliminate territorial and artistic barriers.