Fundación ARED

Fundación ARED

For an egalitarian world: the Fundación ARED grants

The vast majority of the social initiatives that the Fundación Occident supports have a main goal: achieve a world with fewer inequalities, which can be due to several factors, such as physical or mental disabilities, economic hardships linked to a particular region … and, even, issues related to gender inequality.

With regard to the latter, the invaluable work carried out by the Fundación ARED is worth noting, an organisation that works towards the social and labour integration of people in a situation of exclusion, especially, women that have gone through detention centres and social services.

The Fundación Occident has wanted to contribute to this by fostering training grant programmes (bakery, catering and administration courses, among others), which the Fundación ARED offers its beneficiaries with the aim of increasing their possibilities of entering the labour market.

There is no doubt that employment involves having a source of economic resources and personal fulfilment that undoubtedly contributes very positively towards social reintegration of people that, unfortunately, are in a situation of exclusion due to a past that should never cancel their future.

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