Xpress Tennis Cup 2023

Xpress Tennis Cup

During 2024, the Fundación Occident hosted a new edition of the Xpress Tennis Cup, our sports championship which has become consolidated as one of the most important tournaments on the national tennis circuit. With this event, we want to promote new sporting talent, as well as bringing tennis closer to children.

The Xpress Tennis Cup tournament has a total of three different circuits between the autonomous communities of Catalonia, the Community of Madrid and the Valencian Community in which children's teams represent their respective participating clubs. 

The winning teams of each stage at the provincial level of the different categories (Sub-10 and Sub-12, both female and male),  participated in the grand final of the tournament, which took place in the capital of each Autonomous Community. 

We also have three tennis players as ambassadors of the Xpress Tennis Cup: Quico Tur, Paula Badosa and David Ferrer, all of them ambassadors for Fundación Occident or Wilson.


When was the Xpress Tennis Cup children's tennis championship be taking place?


- 11/05/2024: Girona provincial stage (Completed)

- 18/05/2024: Tarragona provincial stage (Completed)

- 19/05/2024: Lleida provincial stage (Completed)

- 25/05/2024: provincial phase Barcelona (Completed)

- 26/05/2024: final phase Barcelona (Completed)

Valencian Community:

13/04/2024: Castellón provincial phase (Completed)

- 20/04/2024: Alicante provincial phase (Completed)

- 27/04/2024: provincial phase Valencia (Completed)

- 28/04/2024: final phase Valencian Community (Completed)

Autonomous Community of Madrid:

- 16-17/03/2024: provincial phase and Madrid final (Completed)



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