IRB Lleida

IRB Lleida

The scientific and technical services of a research institute are like its circulatory system: the heart, arteries and veins, taking blood to all the body's organs. So this flow does not come to halt, our Foundation is supporting the research groups from the Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida (IRBLleida) so that they can carry out their activity and obtain the best possible results.

This institution's mission is to promote biomedical research by integrating basic, translational-applied and clinical-epidemiological research fields and defining the preferential objectives that allow for a quality research and a significant increase of healthcare capacity in order to provide the population with the best possible services.

Thanks to its work, very interesting results have been achieved in fields as diverse as sleep apnea, cancer pathology and the relationship between nutrition and ageing. In addition, there have been more and more scientific articles published by the centre's researchers in recent years, which is the result of an intense research to which we are happy to be contributing.

The institute is composed of 29 research groups (comprising over 300 scientists) that focus on five main scientific areas: stress in biological systems, experimental medicine and therapeutics, cellular and molecular models of human pathologies, neuroscience and clinical medicine.

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