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The joy of fulfilled wishes: Fundación Pequeño Deseo

Getting to know the stadium or players of their favourite team, visiting an amusement park, watching a trendy musical or going to a concert by their favourite singer are some of the 317 dreams that came true in 202 3 that the Fundación Pequeño Deseo turned into reality. 


The purpose of this project goes beyond satisfying the wishes of children; it is also about providing emotional support both to the child and to their loved ones by making the weight of their disease more bearable. As they say, "sometimes, turning a child's desire into reality is the best medicine". The positive emotions that are released when their dreams materialise have an undeniable impact on their general well-being, and help to improve their physical state.


Some of them are described below:

Dedicated to leisure and entertainment

Aitor and Dylan, each of them together with their families, visited the Parque de Atracciones in Madrid. For Dylan, it was one of the most special days in his life after seeing his dream come true. In the case of Aitor, he had the opportunity to meet his favourite character, Sponge Bob. 

But it wasn't just them who enjoyed the great amusement parks; Abril, a big fan of Disney films, visited Disneyland Paris with her family, Africa spent a nice, fun-filled day with her friends on Magic Island, and Ares was able to visit the studios dedicated to Harry Potter and see behind the scenes of her favourite film.

Fulfilling the most sporting dreams

Great fans of sport also fulfilled their dreams. Examples include Gaston and Alejandro, who got to meet some Real Madrid players. In Gastón's case, he also met Benzema, his favourite player. Sarah was able to visit the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, and Andrade met some of the FC Barcelona players. 

In the case of Inca, who loves swimming, he was able to enjoy personalised swimming classes after joining the Al-Andalus Sports Club.

Going to a concert or musical

Paula and Sergi enjoyed a concert by their favourite singers, specifically Romeo Santos and Harry Styles, respectively. Alma was able to go to the theatre and see the spectacular musical, the “Lion King”. 


And many more dreams 

We not only fulfilled dreams involving music or sport. We also made wishes come true, like Noa's, who received with open arms his puppy Cuqui, to take care of him and play with him. And Berta, who enjoyed a few days in northern Spain, visiting its most iconic cities and surfing all its beaches. 

Miguel and José Rodolfo can now play their favourite video games on their new gaming PC, but that's not all: José also got to ride in a Ferrari. 

Peter fulfilled his dream of being a model by posing for the Scalpers brand. And Andrés spent an incredible day at the aquarium and enjoyed a delicious roast chicken. 


These are some of the wishes that the Fundación Pequeño Deseo, and our own foundation, turned into reality. What wishes will come true in 2024?

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