"A tu lado" programme

Social action is one of the values that dominate the initiatives carried out by Fundación Jesús Serra. With this in mind, it is collaborating with Save the Children, the world’s leading independent children’s rights organisation worldwide, and its “A tu lado” programme. The project's objective is to assist families in a situation of vulnerability due to the health emergency generated by Covid-19 by guaranteeing their education, wellbeing and protection, and minimising the negative emotional and educational effects of the crisis.

The economic and psychosocial effects of the crisis have a greater impact on the most vulnerable families, especially in those with children. Generally speaking, they are more exposed to unemployment, a precarious situation that is amplified in the younger members of the family as a result of no longer enjoying certain aids, such as the food resources provided by school canteens and the teacher accompaniment, and the huge digital gap that hampers the continuity of their education. Confinement and the measures imposed by the new normality in these cases of exclusion can lead to deep psychological problems. 

For all these reasons, the "A tu lado" programme's action plan focuses on three pillars that prevent child poverty in its material, emotional and educational aspects. Firstly, basic food vouchers will be provided to guarantee proper nutrition in these families. Secondly, an accompaniment and professional psychological support service aimed at achieving a positive upbringing of their children will be offered to parents. Lastly, children will be provided an internet connection and the technological tools required to continue their education.