FEDDF - Sport For Everyone

Conference Sports for Everyone Sport for everyone in schools

For yet another year, the Fundación Jesús Serra and the FEDDF (the Spanish Sports Federation for People with Physical Disabilities) are organizing the "Sports for Everyone" event days. These event days are held in educational centers in different Spanish provinces, with the goal of raising children's awareness on the difficulties experienced by people with disabilities. In each center, workshops are held on adaptive sports, such as wheelchair basketball, goalball (soccer for blind people), slalom, boccia, and sitting volleyball.

In the activities, children have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the different skills and abilities needed to take part in the sports played by people with disabilities, such as using a sports wheelchair or a hand-powered cycle. In this way, the children taking part have the opportunity to understand that it is necessary to develop their senses, as well as gain an understanding of how people with disabilities feel and how they should be treated. Participants are also offered an informative talk on sports and disabilities, covering all the aspects that they involve.