Tomando Conciencia School

Tomando Conciencia Schools

TCSchools, a programme for promoting healthy habits in schools

One of the foundation's core values lies in promoting social awareness and health through various initiatives. In this case, the Fundación Occident and the agency Bakery take over the classrooms for an educational project named "Tomando Conciencia Schools". This programme consists of several lessons and challenges that will take place at different schools, with the goal of promoting healthy habits in children aged 10 to 12. In its previous editions, the programme achieved several milestones, such as boosting the number of children who have breakfast every day by 6%, reducing fast food consumption by 5% and that of industrial baked goods by 7%.


*Currently, Fundació Occident is not collaborating with the "Tomando Conciencia" project.


This year, the foundation aims to promote and create content for three of the programme's twelve lessons and for two of its four challenges. These lessons and challenges tackle different topics, such as healthy eating, daily activity and the communication and expression of emotions. These activities and lessons are carried out using digital content about three animated characters who star in illustrated stories, videos or questionnaires for children. The programme is strengthened through the collaboration of prestigious ambassadors such as Astrid Fina, a paralympic medallist, and Quico Tur, a wheelchair tennis champion.