Deusto Business School

Grant programmes for young people and employment for + 50 years

The Deusto Business School is the University of Deusto's business school. Its curriculum draws from management training programmes in different professional and personal stages.

We collaborate with the Deusto Business Alumni, an association of former students of the Deusto Business School, in supporting the our foundation Grants programme by means of two grants aimed at students with a shortage of resources but with a notable academic trajectory. These grants will cover the stay of their beneficiaries, who will carry out research projects at the Deusto Business School.  

On the other hand, we also collaborate in the Rincón del Experto project, a programme designed to protect members above 50 years of age with the particular problem of searching for employment. 

The partnership with the Deusto Business Alumni was established with the aim of incentivising the careers of graduates and undergraduates and qualitatively improving company plans with new talent, such as the one designed by Seguros Bilbao, in which grant holders can benefit from internships after completing their studies. By means of this initiative, we show our willingness to support and commit to the most capable young people and, thus, contribute to their educational and entrepreneurial progression by bringing them closer to the corporate world and academic research. Now, we are also supporting a currently vulnerable sector of the population -people over 50 years old- through a programme specifically designed for them. 

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