Fundación Investigación Cardiovascular

Prevecardio, a study of cardiovascular risk factors

Prevecardio: a study of cardiovascular risk factors in the population

CardioRed1 is a unique collaborative network in Spain between 4 Madrid hospitals, primary health care and SUMMA 112. Its objective is to unify cardiovascular care in an area of more than one million people so that all benefit equally from organisational, diagnostic and therapeutic innovation.  It focuses on implementing projects with an established methodology for managing health projects to ensure lasting results.

This new project promoted by Cardiored1 and Fundación Occident is based on an epidemiological study of the main cardiovascular risk factors affecting the population, such as high blood pressure, obesity, smoking and lifestyle. The objectives that are sought with this study are to reduce variability, improve results and increase clinical safety and prevention among the population, as well as improving the patient's experience and quality of life, while increasing efficiency by eliminating unnecessary practices, maintaining the most efficient ones.

This project will study the following population groups: completely healthy citizens and those with a controlled risk factor; citizens at risk, without symptoms, who are detected early (primary prevention);  and citizens at risk, which the health system knows about and wants to have under control, but it turns out that is not the case (secondary prevention).