Fundación Prevent Ceremony

The Fundación Prevent: education for all

The Fundación Prevent aims to preserve the security and health of workers, as well as facilitate labour and social inclusion for disabled people. These two objectives are the pillars of all the actions that the entity carries out and to which Fundación Jesús Serra has wanted to provide its support.

Thanks to the help provided by entities such as ours, the Fundación Prevent provides scholarships disabled people every year to so they can study advanced or university education. And, last December the official presentation of scholarships took place, an event that was held in Barcelona and that was attended by nearly 750 people.

None of the athletes from the Spanish Sports Federation for People with Physical Disabilities that have stood out thanks to their effort and tenacity in improving themselves in national and international competitions wanted to miss this event. This event was also attended by executives and volunteers from the companies awarding the prizes to the young and talented university students with the ultimate aim of creating a more competitive and responsible labour market.

This year, the partnerships established between the Fundación Prevent and private companies have led awarding scholarships to over 100 disabled people, as well as initiating 4 research projects on occupational risk prevention. During the ceremony, people learnt about the business initiatives that emerged during the second edition of the Classroom for Entrepreneurs: Aprende y Emprende, initiated by ESADE and the Fundación Prevent with the aim of providing the setting for entities to collaborate in funding startups and generating self-employment initiatives for disabled people. On the other hand, the R&D projects that were provided scholarships in the area of occupational risks were unveiled.
By means of its scholarship programme, the Fundación Prevent is committed to adopting policies and measures aimed at providing education to disabled people and helping them take studies suited to their personal preferences and professional vocation.

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