Manos Unidas

Support for secondary educationIn Maroua, Cameroon

Construction of four new classrooms and equipment for vulnerable students

Our Foundation is developing this project together with Manos Unidas to build four new classrooms and equipment for vulnerable secondary pupils in the town of Maroua, in Cameroon.

This region in the northern part of Cameroon has suffered an increase in Jihadist violence for ten years, with the consequent increase in displaced persons from Chad and Nigeria, whose borders are four hours away. Young people are a target for radical groups that, due to the conditions of poverty and lack of educational resources, choose to join these groups as survival resources, or through pressure and kidnapping. 

Maroua has attracted some 800 displaced families in the last two years, who have been housed in the new neighbourhood, as is the case with Wourndé that, although it is in an urban environment, it is considered rural because it is on the outskirts and is not equipped with infrastructures, hospital, educational centres, basic services, roads, water or electricity.

In 2013, the parents' association built the San John Henry Newman primary school,where students have been incorporated during these years. There are currently 320 students, when these students are ready to attend secondary school, they realise that they cannot do so and requested our support for th first time.

The main objective of this project is to build and equip four secondary classrooms that correspond to the 5th and 6th levels in what will be the "Nuestra Señora de la Sabía" Bilingual Secondary Centre. With the new facilities, it is planned that 536 students can be educated.

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