Manos Unidas School in Fufulso

Manos Unidas: Project to build aschool in Fufulso (Ghana)

Fundación Jesús Serra and Manos Unidas make the dream of a school in Fufulso (Ghana) come true

The town of Fufulso (Ghana) has an alarming illiteracy and school absenteeism rate: 85% in boys and 90% in girls ―the latter are forced to do the domestic chores―, due to its considerable distance from education centres. With the aim of remedying this situation, Fundación Jesús Serra and Manos Unidas have invested great effort in establishing a primary school in this region.

The new school will be erected on a ten-hectare plot of land donated by the local chief of Fufulso, with the consent of the committee of elders, and will have six classrooms, a storage room, a teacher's room and a block with six toilets.

The country's government and the local community are also supporting this project and have committed to paying the teachers' salaries, providing the necessary school material and keeping the school running. The school will be free, with the aim of reducing school absenteeism, and comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Education.

Thanks to this initiative, nearly 300 children from Fufulso and its surroundings that were not able to attend any education centre will now receive primary education every year. This will lead to having an educated population that will contribute to developing the country.