Integration and employment: Femarec

Femarec is a social action organisation that works for the social, labour and cultural insertion of communities at risk of exclusion. It was created in 1991 with the aim of building a fairer, more supportive and more respectful society.

With this purpose, the organisation carries out several projects, such as the Programa de Orientación, Acompañamiento y Apoyo a la Inserción de Personas con Discapacidad (Guidance, Accompaniment and Support in the Insertion of Disabled Persons) (SIOAS), to which our Foundation provides support. This initiative allows people with physical or mental disabilities to receive training and guidance on how to increase their employability.

First, a tutor is assigned to the participant and a work programme is drawn up. Given the different profiles of the participants, several interviews are held with a careers adviser and then a personalised work programme is designed. Several workshops are held to analyse the situation and to ensure that each participant receives the appropriate training.

The programme gives all participants a better understanding of the work market and the institutional resources available for job seekers, which increases their success in the job market. As well as providing technical training, the service builds trust and confidence among the participants. With regards the employment rate, the results of the SIOAS are showing to be very positive: 30% of the participants find a job before they finish the programme.