The Fundación Jesús Serra joins the initiative led by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks

Collaborate with the Food Banks!

Join FESBAL and the Fundación Occident in the fight against hunger

The Fundación Occident has initiated a Teaming group (an online platform for raising funds through microdonations of one euro), with the aim of joining the great social initiative led by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL). As a result, we are able to provide collaborators of Grupo Catalana Occidente, as well as their relatives and friends, the possibility of doing their part in the fight against hunger.

FESBAL was founded in Spain in 1996 and currently has 55 food banks that work intensely every day fighting hunger in our country.

To become part of the FESBAL and Fundación Occident Teaming group, you only have to click on the following link, select the option "Join this group" and register your email address with a password. Once have done this, you will be part of the group and be able to start donating a euro per month with the aim of continuing to build a fairer world.

Join the fight against hunger!

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