Deporte y Desafío

Sports activities fordisabled family members

Integration through sport

At the Fundación Occident, we organise sporting activities aimed at the disabled relatives of employees and mediators of GCO, and we coordinate these activities together with the Fundación Deporte y Desafio (sports and challenge foundation). By means of these activities, we give them the opportunity of practising sports such as surfing, scuba diving, horse riding or trekking, guided by specialised professionals that adapt the teaching of these sports to their needs.

The main goal of Fundación Deporte y Desafío is to promote the social integration of people with a physical, intellectual or sensory disability through physical exercise and sport. As a result, independence is encouraged and they are helped in discovering their potential. The foundation has all types of sports programmes, such as skiing, paddle tennis, cycling, scuba diving… In addition, it organises charity balls, tournaments, solidarity runs and awareness days.

An example is the 2019 edition, in which horse riding and climbing activities were carried out for these groups, in order to encourage them in the development of these sports activities.

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