Trailwalker solidarity race of 100 km

The Fundación Occident runs for a good cause

Maximum physical and mental effort, both individually and as a team, is one of the pillars of this type of events; another one is the supportive objective of raising the highest amount of funding possible to take water to those most in need. In this respect, the teams representing the Fundación Occident, which consist of employees and mediators of Grupo Catalana Occidente, have been able to reach a donation of €30,000, which will translate into drinkable water for 9,277 families.

In countries like Ethiopia or Chad illnesses related to dirty water are the main cause of mortality among children and women, even in front of AIDS. This means that all the kilometres completed by the Foundation's teams will save lives. The total money raised in the three trailwalkers has been close to a million euros, and it will contribute to the development of over 400 projects that Oxfam Intermon has in progress in the most disadvantaged areas in our planet.

The registration period is still open for the Trailwalker 2018. The double challenge of sport and solidarity is open again for all those who want to be part of this incredible experience! 

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