Fundación Prevent Ceremony

Fundación Prevent: Programmes for people with disabilities

Labour integration and education without barriers

The disabled people or people with functional diversity have covered a long distance fighting for their rights in the past decades. In this path they have found the support of the Fundación Prevent, with which the Fundación Occident actively collaborates. The Fundación Prevent works towards improving the quality of life of these people in the working environment, as well as promoting adapted sport and progressing in occupational risk prevention.

The Fundación Prevent has been providing Prevent Scholarships to Disabled Students for several years, and they are aimed at helping these people being able to access the labour market with the best possible education. Aimed at university and advanced education, they focus on promoting equal opportunities in higher education.


Grants will be awarded for the Fundación Prevent project on 14 December 2023.